We offer the following core subjects (Language Arts, mathematics, history, science, foreign language/fine arts, and physical education) In addition, a variety of electives such as Vocational Education, Work Experience and community service. New electives are continually being added to the curriculum selection.

Students must complete 230 credits and pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) to graduate with a high school diploma.

They are expected to be enrolled in at least six classes each year to be on target to complete high school graduation requirements in four years. Listed below are the course requirements for graduation.

Graduation Requirements

English Language Arts

40 Credits

Mathematics Algebra I Content Required

30 Credits

Social Science - Including Health (5crdts) Life Skills (5crdts)

40 Credits

Science - Physical Science Life Science

20 Credits

Physical Education

20 Credits

Visual and/or Performing Arts

10 Credits

 Senior Project

  5 Credits

Applied Technology

10 Credits

Electives (Recommend additional Academic Courses)

55 Credits

             Total Credits Required to Graduate

230 Credits


Units of credit are awarded in a subject when the course has been successfully completed. All courses are open entry/open exit, meaning students may start and complete course work anytime during the school year. Typically, one (1) unit of credit is awarded based, on successfully completing a "unit of work". Units of work are made up of lessons, projects, quizzes and a final test. Because students work at their own pace, courses may be completed in less than the traditional 18 or 36 week time period.